• God Floods Fargo, North Dakota For Promoting Gay Rights Bill

    March 27, 2009 7:22 pm 40 comments

    Fargo, North Dakota – The wrathful power of God is once again on display today, this time as he has caused a terrible flood to fall upon the backslidden anal-love promoters of Fargo, North Dakota.

    For centuries North Dakota was a bastion of morality but earlier this year, emboldened with the election of their dark savior B. Hussein Obama, North Dakotan democrats announced they intended to make North Dakota gay friendly by promoting the homo gay agenda.

    Senator Tom Fiebieger (D, Fargo) announced on their sacrilege website GayAgenda.com:

    “‘These are our sons and daughters, or brothers and sisters. The thought is, in North Dakota we treat people the same, and we shouldn’t treat people differently because of who they love.’”

    Senator Fiebieger forgot that the Lord smites dirty queers and their enablers, tossing them to burn forever in the fiery depths of hell for their disgusting gobbling of man man meat dangles .

    The National Weather Service reported North Dakota’s Red River will at least swell over 43 feet today, and the judged people of Fargo are fleeing from God’s wrath in a panic.

    For every one homosexual man, four boys are molested. For this reason God is being thorough in his wrath in Fargo and no one is going unpunished for trying to enable gays to ruin the life of children.

    One mother of several children had to flee her house and said:

    “‘It is very hard to be out of my home with kids. But I have no choice.’”

    Much like every gay, everyone in Fargo did have a choice. They could have chosen to obey natural order and banned the gay lifestyle. They could have encouraged the mentally challenged people who like homosins to embrace a normal person’s love.

    Instead, some North Dakotans chose to promote the very unAmerican liberal agenda of gay marriage, and now they are being judged. Their cities are flooded, their lives are disarray and people are fleeing in panic.

    Let this be a lesson to you, America. California was nearly wiped off the map during the time of Proposition 8. Fortunately, they corrected their atheist ways and Christians in the state begged for God to tarry and call off his angels of death and chaparral fires that had come upon their hedonistic state.

    Woe unto those who try to promote harmful equality for gays. Look what God has done to North Dakota the next time someone tries to tell you it’s alright for a man to dive deep into another’s rump roast. The only juices the gays will marinate in are that of filthy fecal waste, sin and the burning lava of hell.

    Friends, don’t join the gays in drowning in the juices of their sins. Gay is not ok and now North Dakota is learning that the hard way.

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