• God Nearly Smashes Earth With Giant Spacerock

    March 4, 2009 2:54 am 36 comments
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  • God gave us another warning of his growing anger with infidelity, this time as a giant doomsday meteor nearly struck our planet.

    The last time God smashed Earth with such a meteor was 1908, where communist Russians in Siberia were struck down with ‘the force of 1000 atomic bombs”.

    Scientists on space.com were shocked and bewildered, because despite all their satellites and scanning equipment they didn’t see this asteroid until it crossed geosynchronous orbit with Earth. That is alarmingly close and God blinded our eyes to not see it coming until it would have been too late.

    Historical archives show that the Siberian comet strike immediately flattened 80 million trees and had a blast radius of 800 miles. No one strike created by man can do such output damage, as it is equivalent of putting 1000 high-end atomic bombs into one.

    By the best estimates of researches, had this stony judgment been allowed to strike Earth, the fallout would have been far worse and it could have instantly ended all life in any city on Earth.

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