• God Throws Mighty Sandstorm In The Eyes of Greedy Saudi Arabian Capital

    March 11, 2009 9:30 am 27 comments

    AP – A mighty sandstorm descends upon Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, Tuesday, March 10, 2009. God’s judgeme…

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Today God showed his extreme displeasure for the oil-greed of Saudi Arabians by casting a mighty sandstorm all over their capital city of Riyadh. As you know, Saudi Arabia is a very oil-rich country who also exerts great influence over OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

    Saudi Arabians are oil-misers, who along with their OPEC allies love to horde all of the world’s nice oil for themselves and not freely share with their neighbors and oil-needy countries, like the United States.

    For their impious sin of greed, among many others, these Saudi Arabians were rightfully judged.

    Witness reports claim Saudi families were seen running — in frantic panic and disarray — as endless torrents of powerful, sandy winds whipped them something fierce.

    One elderly survivor of today’s wrath recalls how he saw a distraught father, bewildered at the fate that had befallen his country, calling up and down the street for his kids. The man’s wife was holding her hooded Muslim-ninja terror outfit tight to her face, blocking out the sandstorm as she sobbed uncontrollably. They knew not if their children would survive the cyclonic, catastrophic clouds of the sandstorm.

    They did, fortunately, but had many whelps.

    A similar fate played out for Saud families city-wide, as they faced a stern warning for their non-charitable ways.

    For far too long these Arabians have claimed to worship the same God as Christians, which is obviously not true as they fail to freely give oil to America, in twice the portion that we ask at that.

    The Sauds are more like a bratty 5-year-old, who does not know how to share his resources at play time all while claiming it’s fine because their imaginary friend says so.

    Well today, the True Friend had enough of their childish games and hopefully they have learned their lesson.

    Every time Americans, and our true allies, are forced to pay high gas prices, face soaring energy bills for our homes and see an increase in milk or egg prices, the OPEC Saudis are to blame. They are being exploitative and greedy, much like a dark-hearted Scrooge in a Charles Dickens tale.

    With God’s actions today, they now know the tale of their country shall be one of woe and misery if they do not repent of their wicked ways. The Mideast, and Venezuela, may soon face an even greater judgment shall they not love their neighbors and needy friends, as they do themselves.

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