• Hulk Hogan Nearly Smacks Down Wife’s Lippy Lawyer

    March 13, 2009 1:38 pm 11 comments
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  • As you know, sometimes in marriage the grave and solemn responsibility to politely tell the wife to be quiet and stay in her place falls upon every husband.

    Being fickle and temperamental, women do not always respond to gentle words so at times a swift, backhanded slap across the face must be applied to them. This usually gets their attention and sets order straight.

    What’s unfortunate in this day and age is that liberals and law like to meddle in family affairs, and as such we have high divorce rates, increased teen pregnancy and our kids committing acts of violence. Order is destroyed when a man’s authority in hampered. The worst source of such hampering are lawyers.

    In the following video, renown entertainer Hulk Hogan is forced to deal with a lawyer who is far more mouthy and instigating as a woman. Look how he hides behind a camera and says big, nagging words while he has the protection of the spotlight. He definitely needs a loving wife-tap applied across the lips, for good measure.

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