• I Am Not Racist, I’m American

    March 13, 2009 6:41 am 9 comments
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  • During the course of my writing societal columns and giving cultural lectures too, I’ve always come across some laughable liberals who attempt to contest my points with one lie: “You’re a racist.”

    I always find this very offensive because I’m certainly not racist. I’m American.

    And I am not just any American, but a Christian American. When I teach about the facts behind cultural trends, science or socio-economics, it is done from a purely objective, moral point of view. Objectivity does not leave any room for petty notions such as racism, and as such, is not a part of my being. Morality does not leave room for misrepresenting the truth.

    The disgusting issue here is really not my words of truth when comparing our American culture to the lesser cultures of the Asians and Africas, but rather the fact that some people are just too misguided and foolish to accept reality.

    Last week I received a strongly worded hate letter, for instance, after asserting the Africas have not been blessed with as much scientific knowledge as America. They, much like the urban black culture that currently infests America, lack a certain ambition and organization. It is patently true and observable, and to any rational mind there would not be a problem in stating this fact.

    And while the Asians may excel in technology, they lack morals and standards. Look at Pearl Harbor, the rape of Nanking or their perverse tentacle animes to get an idea of what they stand for. There is nothing racist about these objective observations, yet several Asian radio shows interviewed me about my veracious assertions and proceeded to cuss me out on air.

    What these people fail to realize is that by trying to hide reality behind the immoral shroud of political correctness or making bogus claims that I’m not Christian for stating facts, they are destroying society.

    It is people like them who let little black children think it’s good to emulate and celebrate a lifestyle of pregnancy, drugs, gang violence and stealing. It is people like the Democrats and liberals that perpetuate the cycle of poverty by the black culture, by encouraging them to continue their ancestral tradition of apathy instead of America’s Christian tradition of hard work, compassion and prosperity.

    Likewise, the Asians have hearts that are overly cold and easily swayed, again, as we have seen in countless past wars they’ve forced in the prior century. From the Axis of evil to the East, communists in the middle and terrorists in their West, Asians have much evil in the heart of their society.

    Yet, much as we learned after issuing Executive Order 9066 and dropping peace-making bombs on Japan to end World War 2, these people can learn our ways. They can assimilate and be productive, good society.

    Indeed, they just need guidance. They need to be chastised and reprimanded when they do wrong. They need to be shown the proper way to live life.

    If we are too busy trying to play academic high-road, mincing oaths and using flowery language to skirt around the stark reality, how can we ever correct these erroneous cultures?

    The answer is we cannot. And what my liberal detractors fail to realize is that the primary duty of an American, a good upstanding America, is to outreach and guide mankind to morality.

    America did not ask for such a position, but it was a duty placed upon us by Most High. When this nation was born with its Christian tradition in 1776, it was well known — perfectly understood — to God that our role in this world would be one of eternal importance.

    So even when on occasion my words may give the impression that I believe some people — because of their culture or ethnicity — are not as capable as proper Americans, know these are not the thoughts of my mind. They are not the thoughts of my heart.

    The world is what it is today because of the people of America. We have a broad, strong and ethnic fabric that comprises our great nation. In the future, it is our duty to broaden and strengthen our influence and hand of fellowship to all lesser cultures, not because we dislike their culture, color or history. But rather, because everyone deserves to be blanketed with the life, the blessed understanding and beliefs, that is unique to America.

    That is a commandment to which all proper Americans should remain committed, and as such, that’s a personal commitment of this proud American.

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