• I Watch New South Park Episode Magaritaville Online, Christian TV Episode Review

    March 26, 2009 11:20 am 21 comments
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  • TV Show: South Park (Comedy Central)
    Episode: Margaritaville
    Christian TV Episode Review Online

    My anger grows slowly by slowly today after watching South Park episode Margaritaville. The episode was full of much blasphemy against the Passion of our Christ with only a few sprinkled giblets of morality adorned within.

    Make no mistake that the bits of good were drenched under massive torrents of evil liberal propaganda in this episode. I spit angered flying loogies in disgust at this filth, and drop to my prayer warrior knees to ask God to gently smite Trey Parker and Matt Stone with deadly plague for their sinful whoreshow.

    This Margaritaville episode of South Park was focused on fractured American economy. Instead of teaching children how the democrats named Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner spent all of America’s money on war and unAmericans, they teach children how to mock our holy Lord’s sacrifice for all mankind.

    This episode starts out believable and shows Randy Marsh as a Sanhedrin Jewish leader. As Jewish figure he naturally creates fear and tells Jews that their false god, Economy, was angered by their lack of making money.

    This part of show is believable about Jewish religion teaching value of money and greed is important in life. Things get twisted when Parker and Stone go over the moral line and use blaspheme against passion of Christ.

    To save all the converts to Judaism who can’t make money, a Jewish sinchild named Kyle does everything in his power to mimic Jesus. A fat boy named Eric Cartman tries to stop the blasphemy by bringing Kyle to justice, but writers instead have Kyle go through and sacrifice himself to save the world, from the sin of debt.

    The only redeemed quality of this episode is that at end it shows how Democrats credit their black savior Barack Obama with everything.

    This tv show episode was very, very evil and another South Park attack on Christianity. The writers of this show are infected with Jewish beliefs and money love, and love to mock our Christ the Lord. This episode was giant erected monument of sin to their demon filled beliefs.

    When reviewing this episode, please join me in prayer that God strikes down Parker and Stone with a terrible wrath for their Jews sins.

    Moral Episode Rating:
    B: Blasphemous (-18)
    (parody of Christianity, promotes hatred to Christian beliefs, foul language, incorrect economic teaching)

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