• My Christian Son Wants A Sex Change, What Do I Do?

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    Hi Amber,
    I’d only just found your work on ChristWire and I was wondering if you could assist me with a question.

    I have a son who has ‘come out’ to us as transgender, believing that he is a ‘girl trapped in a boy’s body’. Granted, my wife and I have been trying to give this very serious thought as to what has happened to cause our son to think this.

    We have been doing our best to raise him under the Lord, and he says he still loves God. Can you offer any advice on what I can do to help him? Do we help our son become our daughter? Signed, Confused in CA

    Dear Confused,
    I truly sympathize for you and your wife, as you have a tough task ahead of you in correcting the errant thoughts of your sin-child.

    Your son’s desire to be a girl is very unnatural, and scripture warns us it is also an abomination to natural order. The inclination of homosexuality is not genetic, but a choice one makes in life.

    As a father, it is your responsibility to help your teen make the right choices in life. You need to let your son know that his desire to be a girl is disgusting and an offense.Do not be soft with him, as a boy in his position needs very stern guiding.

    Your son’s gender confusion could be the result of being exposed to homosexual media on television, peers at school or even a way of trying to ‘gain your attention’, as teens tend to do.

    Your son must understand that he cannot love the Lord as he claims and want to be gay or transgender. Such a choice in life gateways into a lifestyle of sin and immoral fornication, the implications of which he cannot imagine.

    So sit down and tell your son ‘No’ to his desire to be gay, just as if he asked you if it was ‘ok to do cocaine’. This is all the same, and when you’re sitting with your son pray for his mind, so that he can be delivered from this strange perversion. You and your wife should also consider speaking to your clergy about good psychologists in your area, as your son’s mental condition may have been caused by some guilt or psychological trauma he’s hiding from you.

    Dear Amber:
    Good evening. My name is Isabelle and I come to this country 4 months ago with the promise of a good-paying job. My intentions were to work in this country for a few years and then buy a house so that my families can come and share in the same opportunities I have experienced. I go to immigration office, obtain a visa, and come here with my worker’s permit.

    The man who helped finance my journey to this wonderful country did not give me the job he promised. He told me that I would be a model for woman’s clothing (of course it would be modest clothings!). I was told that this would be a great way to promote new conservatives fashion to the young people in this country.

    However, when I came to this wonderful land, I was heartbroken. First, I find that the parish that I wanted to join did not exist because it burn down 1 year ago. Then, I was told that I had to surrender my work papers to the man that paid for my journey. Then, he told me that I could not start the modeling job until I do some very bad things first.

    …I need your advice Amber. I want to be a hard-working American like I see in the pictures but now my hopes are dashed. I want to be a part of this wonderful country, but is it worth it to use my body in order to do that? How do I deal with my boss to tell him I’m uncomfortable with being a pleasurewoman? Thank you very much, and I hope to hear from you soon! God bless you and your family.


    Dear Isabelle,
    I fear for your life and safety. I am not sure where you are at in America, but you need to immediately contact your local authorities (police) and talk to them about your situation.

    I do not know if you are here legally or not, but whatever the case, being deported back to your own country is far better than what can happen to you. Every year, in essentially every country, women (usually travelers or immigrants like yourself) are tricked into submission, abducted and eventually forced into sexual slavery.

    An estimated 500,000 to 800,000 young women are forced into sexual markets, worldwide, each year. They often end up never seen again, or found to be murdered or overdosed on drugs. Isabelle, wherever you are immediately contact the authorities and talk to them.

    Your family loves you and would rather have you back home than allowing your body to be abused and to be trafficked into a life of pain then death. I wish you all the best, and please also visit these resources after you call the police. I want you to know that you are not all alone and good people will help you. -Amber

    Dear Amber,
    I am a young 17 year old girl who is very active in my local church. I have recently begun reading Harry Potter, but my whole church considers it filled with evil values. What do I do? Keep on reading? – Conflicted

    Dear Conflicted,
    Your church is correct. In addition to promoting sorcery and magic, Harry Potter also promotes homosexuality and anti-Christian bigotry. Various sources assert that the actor who portrayed the gay magician frequently spent time alone with the young actors of the movie, to ‘discuss’ homosexual material.

    There is much documentation on how this movie is wrong and will put your soul in danger. Every major Christian network has protested the Harry Potter books and movies, the Pope has denounced it and various journalists have discussed its danger to teens, family and culture in great detail.

    You must realize that even at 17, despite feeling like a well-informed adult you are indeed still very young and have much to learn about life. Your church leaders have your best interests at heart and you should not be in the habit of questioning your church’s teachings. That puts you in a position to fall into dangerous habits and developing a rebellious attitude.

    There are many dangers in this world and being obedient to wisdom, determined by doctrine and faith from your leaders, is the best way to ensure you grow into a beautiful young woman of compassion and strong moral bearing.
    - Amber

    Hi Amber!,
    My husband and I love you and wanted your take on a big question that’s come up for us, which is where to send our daughter for school?

    My daughter is absolutely brilliant and is graduating this year with top grades, and colleges are sending her mounds of recruitment mail and phone calls every single day. We are split three ways on where she should go.

    My girl wants to go out of state to New York, my husband wants her at a local, private university and I think she should stay in state at least the first year, at either a private of public school. She has many options and problem is limiting them down, in a good and responsible manner.

    This is our first girl so we are all stressing! I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
    -Proud Mom in Los Angeles

    Dear Proud Mom,
    This is truly one of the most proud and exciting times for parents. To hear that your daughter achieved great academic merit and is gearing up for a successful transition to college is wonderful.

    I notice that both you and your husband have some reservations about sending her too far off. It seems you are still compromising for both sides of the decision, by trying to respect your daughter’s natural desire to ‘move far away’ (teens use ‘go out of state’ for their euphemism ;) ) and your husbands instinctual response to keep his daughter close at home, under his protection.

    What you need to do is first pray and ask God for guidance in opening the right doors. He will set your daughter’s path. I personally agree with your husband in that your daughter should go to a local, private, Christian university.

    Public schools are full of dangers such as heavy drug use, no set visiting hours, wild fraternity parties, an increased incidence of violence, rape and many other things that could ruin your daughter’s life.

    I would encourage you to focus your search on quality Christian schools and set up times to tour their campuses. I notice you are from the L.A. area, and that would be the first place you should start looking at schools that will provide your daughter a terrific education and the moral protection that naturally comes with a private, Christian college. Best of luck with your decision!

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