• Japanese Create New Rape Simulation Video Game For Kids

    March 25, 2009 11:48 am 56 comments

    immoral Japanese anim game

    My friends the Japanese are at it again, this time as they prepare to rape your child’s mind and ethics with a horrifying new video game named Rapelay.

    It’s almost like a training simulator, preparing your son to electronically join rape gangs, torture people and abducting young women as he stalks around a city, hiding in dark alleys. You see, the point of this game goes beyond typical violence. It has a new type of prey.

    From the dark alleys and other dangerous areas, this game encourages young boys to pick up a video game controller and creepily stalk attractive pixelated women who are wearing seductively short Japanese skirts.

    It then lets your innocent boys repeatedly attack and violently rape women in sick scenarios, rewarding them with points for each rape attack.

    The game then implies that the rape victims enjoyed being attacked.

    Here is part of the video game synopsis from Wikipedia:

    RapeLay (レイプレイ ?) is a 3D anime hentai game made by Illusion, released on April 21, 2006. Compared to Illusion’s previous games, the main story is shorter, it features an improved 3D engine, and is mainly played through mouse control.

    RapeLay also has a “nakadashi” (Creampie) counter. RapeLay is played from the perspective of a chikan named Kimura Masaya, who stalks and subsequently rapes the Kiryuu family (a mother and her two young daughters).

    The player can choose from a variety of sexual positions, and controls the action by making movements with the mouse or by scrolling the mouse wheel. There is also a danger of pregnancy with vaginal intercourse.

    The horror continues:

    In story mode, the player rapes the three girls in the order of Manaka, Yuuko, and Aoi. The player starts off in the train station. Upon entering the train, the main character commits chikan on the female the main character is currently in the train with. After the main character finishes raping all three girls, the players has the option of free play H scenes.[1]

    The story begins with Kimura being arrested for groping Aoi on a subway train. His father is an important politician, and manages to get his son released from jail. The next day, Kimura waits outside the Kiryuu family house and listens to their conversation. He follows Manaka, the youngest, to the subway and gropes her on the train. After getting off the train, he traps her in a public bathroom and rapes her, taking pictures of her semen-covered naked body with his cell phone…

    It only gets worse from there. One video game reviewer said this of the game’s ending scene:

    I wish I could say that the first instance of bloody [phallus] or the rape that takes place on top of the child’s enormous bed were the defining moments of the game. That would have been enough – more than enough – but, these are both things I have seen in Hentai games before. Pregnancy and abortion are new twists on this filthy genre, and they were disturbing, but they still don’t quite win out. No, the winner on this one are the tears that glisten and move in the little girl’s eyes. That sort of attention to detail wins this game a huge pile of disturbing points.

    I cannot find the words to express my outrage, disgust and disbelief with this anime pornography game, especially the liberals who are trying to market it in America.

    Last year studies revealed that 98% of games being marketed to teens contain violence, and after playing a violent video games teens may become 3 times more likely to commit acts of murder, drug violence and date rape.

    It is no coincidence that we are seeing far more violence in schools and this game will put your daughters and wife at risk of being raped by the millions of maligned boys whose minds are infected with video game violence.

    Fathers, imagine the sorrow in your heart when you find your son played this game and he started to get his jollies from the deviant acts this Japanese game encourages. Just like with sinful masturbation, he will envision the stuffs of Satan in his mind and the enemy will eventually tempt him to go out and unleash pint-up violence upon the world.

    Games like this teach boys that raping women is easy and ok, that they were ‘asking for it’ and this makes it 100x more dangerous. It makes light of the horrors of sexual slavery, to which every year up to 800,000 women fall victim.

    America is a land that is being overrun with video game violence. Last year California banned the banning of violent video game sales and Barack Obama allows a Wii in the White House while not pushing for a universal anti-violent video game law.

    How many more of these games are we going to allow to exist anywhere on Earth? These games teach young boys it’s ok to run down women in short skirts and rape them, to shoot up civilians and law enforcement for sport and to disregard any respect for human life.

    It teaches young women that they should expect to get raped and just get on with life after it happens. They want and ‘were asking for it’, after all.

    My friends, the gaming liberals and their atheistic Japanese allies are without morals when it comes to video game violence. They do not seek to create a universal law which requires any video game to pass a worldwide moral review before being allowed to get sold online or at stores.

    It is up to you to protect your family from being raped and your son from becoming the next psychogay masochist killer on the 5 o’clock news. Write your local congressional leaders and demand games like this be banned from existence.

    Banning all games against morality is the only solution to stop these video game horrors from inducing violent, sexual deviant behavior in the minds of our precious children.

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