• Morbidly Obese Spider Monkey

    March 10, 2009 8:19 am 35 comments

    I am absolutely disgusted by this following example of evolutionist teaching gone wrong, as a morbidly obese spider monkey was discovered in the state of Tennessee.

    As you know, an evolutionist believes man descended directly from monkeys. One day, monkeys just popped up with spawn that are human. This is immoral and sick and you should spit with contempt on such ideas.

    Just think, 6000 years ago that Adam, or as they would put it our ‘common ancestor”, was fornicating with other humankeys to somehow magically give rise to your family? Doesn’t make sense, now does it?

    There are people who subscribe to this weird evolutionary science and feel monkeys and man are all the same and meant to live hand in hand, together. The following video shows that these teachings reach deep into the good, typically astute people of Tennessee.

    What offends me even more than the people who have taken this monkey, and tried to humanize him by naming him Clyde, have also fed this poor creature so much human food that it’s become obese. Monkeys are meant to be wild and eat bananas in their home country, not sit around in civilized neighborhoods in America whilst eating ho-hos.

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