• Naked Japanese Man in Horse Mask, Cooking (video evidence)

    March 5, 2009 4:56 pm 12 comments

    As I’ve warned time and time again, the morals of the Japanese people have hit critical mass. The Japanese have always been of questionable ethics, what with slaughtering innocent villagers by samurai sword in their times of old all the way to committing ‘divine suicide’ as kamikazes during World War 2.

    Yes, these people were so fanatical in their misguided morality that they died defending the ideals of Adolf Hitler.

    It took America raining bombs of freedom upon Japan to catch their attention, to get them to understand that the ways of peace may be worth their while. And since WW2, Japan has learned much from America but unfortunately, their horrifying nature creeps through whatever standards of American morality they’ve assimilated time and time again.

    We’ve already covered their dangerous sex-bots, sin-child videos, passing off their anime pornography to our children and even their very bizarre love for tentacle perversions (called cephalerotica). I’ve given personal testimony about the horrors I faced when doing missionary work in their pagan lands.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, captures just how depraved this culture has become than this following video evidence. I’m showing this as a documentary, an archive of why we must persevere in showing these people the way. This type of behavior is very common in Japan and its up to us to put it to a stop, much as we did them when they wanted to slaughter the entire Earth for bloodsport during World War 2.

    If you have a weak stomach or have children in the room, please have them leave at once. Then pray for yourself, then for Japan, after you watch this video. It’s very offensive and scary.

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