• Neile De Grasse Tyson Does Not Understand Astrophysics, Life, Space or God

    March 6, 2009 6:25 pm 4 comments

    Every once in a while it is fun to post videos of extreme scientists, who are so pathetically wrong in their narrow worldview that you can’t help but have pity on them.

    We’ve discussed the failures of proud atheist Richard Dawkins many times, namely when discussing the lies he molds about the spotty theory of evolution.

    You would think no one could outdo Dawkins on the idiocy scale, but an astrophysicist (read, kooky science with little merit) Neil De Grasse Tyson is bent on giving him a run for his money.

    This guy think he has the answer to everything and has a big aura of self-entitlement, for obvious reasons. In this little tirade, Tyson attempts to disprove God in the most fallacious way possible.

    I guess at tarot astrophysicist school, they do not teach the little saplings about the importance of logic in debate. This guy is just all over the place and does not make sense.

    Tyson attempts to use the fact that the universe, mind you to places where no one has even traveled to make the ‘precious’ empirical observations, necessarily proves there is no God because it cannot sustain life. News flash, Tyson. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created man on Earth, not in deep space. Why would you expect space to be hospitable for humans, when the home of all life is Earth?

    Then this lowbrow yokel has the nerve to say that the weather patterns on Earth, such as tsunamis, are more proof that there is not a God or intelligent design! Fallacy, fallacy, fallacy!

    It continues in this ridiculous manner and if you look closely, you’ll also note Richard Dawkins is out in the audience totally eating up this horrible rant from Tyson. Tyson is also dangerous because he tries to make it seem like he understands the truth about creationism, but really he wants to undermine Biblical authority with his make believe ‘facts’ of astrophysics. Let’s take a look at his laughable ‘lecture’:

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