• New Drug “Smokes Like Pot, Feels Like LSD”

    March 8, 2009 3:10 am 84 comments

    “Magic mint”, or Salvia divinorum, is a dangerous new drug that’s being sold on the internet, and as of right now it is legal for people to buy. Teens nationwide have been uploading videos of themselves smoking and suffering from the dangerous affects of this lethal new drug, on Youtube.

    Health officials warn that this drug has the same somatic effect as ‘pot’ (marijuana) and feels like LSD (a very dangerous drug that causes severe addiction and hallucinations).

    Like most dirty, harmful things that sneak into America, this Salvia takes its origins in Mexico. Kids are taking to the internet in droves to find this herb, so they may smoke and chew it up to become possessed by its ill-affects.

    Even if you monitor your child’s internet access, as you’ll see kids as young as eleven have experimented with this drug and are suffering the disastrous consequences. It is even available in hedge shops here in the bay area, being sold by names such as Purple Sticky Salvia for only $20.

    It’s tragic to think that the 20 bucks you loan to your son or daughter for a ‘trip to the mall” may actually be going on a drug that will lead them to a life of prostitution, disease and death.

    Granted that it mimics weed and LSD, this drug must be very dangerous. Even though 13 states have already banned Salvia, 1.8 million people –many of them teens– are still using the drugs.

    In the following video, you’ll see the demonic influence of this drug causes teens to lose touch with reality and make unnatural, hippie like movements. A medical expert also gives further warning about this new menace facing our youth.

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