• North Korea Launches New Space Weapon, Threatens America

    March 24, 2009 2:42 pm 18 comments

    Pyongyang, North Korea – The demented hordes of North Korean scientists announced today that they will be launching a new communications weapon into space and its purpose will be to bring harm to America and her allies.

    Pyongyang officials proudly announced that their new space communications satellite will be launched next month. The satellite’s purpose will be to direct nuclear missiles and other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) that North Korea is currently developing for itself and its axis of evil allies.

    World map shows dangerous, terrorist enabling Axis of Evil in red (North Korea, Iran and Iraq). Developing Axis of Evil in orange (Cuba, Libya and Syria). The world’s moral leader in blue (America).

    Testy North Korean military officials took time to call American military leaders, warning America that if any interference with the launch takes place that they will double their efforts in creating a senselessly large arsenal of nuclear weapons.

    This development is especially troubling to US allies in South Korea, as North Korean and now Kim Jong Il’s savage military forces have been at war with South Korea since 1953.

    Nuclear technology and space-based communication weapons are a technology that can only be trusted in the most moral of hands. To date, America has set the standard for good use of nuclear technology by using it as a means to create energy and bring peace to nations like Japan during times of war.

    Contrast this with North Korea’s communist styled desire for the weapon; fear, destruction and intimidation. North Korea has already threatened actions against America, and they will only become more hostile and malevolent should they be allowed to launch this satellite and secretly develop nuclear arms.

    Just imagine the chaos and destruction that can be exacted when Kim Jong-Il develops this technology and shares it with our terrorist enemies who sneak attacked us on 9/11 and still want nothing more than to rain nukes upon your children as they innocently play on a playground.

    For the reasons of preserving the ways of our allies and ourselves, and ensuring our children aren’t seared to death by the heat from a North Korean satellite guided nuclear weapon, it is of great importance that our government takes every military avenue possible to peacefully coerce North Korea to abandon all science and military endeavors.

    Until this happens, and North Korea is forced to remain committed to a dependent agrarian lifestyle, you and your family are at risk of being attacked by a rogue North Korean long range weapon.

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