• Obama, Chinese Brainwash More of America’s Children

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    Today’s research into the evil machinations of President B. Hussein Obama confirms the worst of our fears. Parents, Obama is working directly with the Chinese to brainwash your innocent children.

    Breaking – Obama Brainwashes Our Children (video)

    You can see the blank, soul-less stares in the eyes of these children brainwashed by a Sino-Obama conspiracy to take the minds of our youth.

    In the very disturbing video you will witness to the right, you see the Chinese boasting about how they worked with Obama to ‘make the minds of these American children bereft of morality, emotions and their very souls’. This was intended to mock our nation’s American Christian heritage, as the Chinese are communist and are therefore atheist as well.

    Notice the unnatural, uncomfortable motions of the children as they sing. You can tell its as if an unknown, psychic force is forcing their actions and inhibiting their ability to think for themselves. That’s the result of sophisticated Chinese brainwashing.

    As you may know, brainwashing is a technique that was officially invented by the Chinese communists in the year 1950. The term brainwashing itself comes from the Chinese term xǐ năo (洗腦), which means ‘to wash the brain’ in the Chinese language.

    Disturbing campaign poster that was displayed last year in Beijing and Shanghai says All hail Democrat Obama, the destroyer of America, champion of socialism and the future of Chinese communism.

    Disturbing campaign poster that was displayed last year in Beijing and Shanghai says 'All hail Democrat Obama, the destroyer of America, champion of socialism and the future of Chinese communism.'

    This Chinese xǐ năo technique took its origin in bizarre pagan ceremonies in isolated Chinese villages many decades prior to 1950, all under a cult form of coercive persuasion called zao (改造) in Chinese.

    It’s said that Chinese village mystics could force a grown man to do anything, from sacrificing his daughters to jumping off a cliff. The Chinese military eventually caught wind of these rural cult traditions and brought the practices to their military arsenal, as mentioned under the name of xǐ năo (washing of the brain).

    The Chinese first unleashed their sinister brainwashing techniques against noble Americans who were captured as they attempted to bring freedom to Asia during the Korean War. In prisoner of war camps, the Chinese were able to aid the North Koreans in brainwashing many troops to defect and even denounce their loyalty to America.

    Apparently Obama is keen on studying history, as he is now teaming up with the Chinese to covertly take over your child’s mind and implant all sorts of impure thoughts.

    The video evidence of this affront to morality has surely frightened you. If you’ve noticed that your child challenging your authority and falling into weird ideologies of which you don’t approve (e.g., musical preference, clothing, language, political/religious beliefs), these are all signs that your child’s mind may be compromised.

    From the video evidence, you also see that Obama has been working with television media in order to subliminally influence the minds of your children. It is impossible to tell how many networks, along with their advertisers, are working together to subvert your parental authority and brainwash your child’s mind to follow the ways of Chinese socialism, which recently a bold Obama openly embraced.

    Last week Tyson Bowers uncovered Obama’s use of Pepsi imagery to sway the palate of American voters to have a taste for Obama over McCain, and now we don’t fully know the extent of liberal tastes he’s trying to set upon our the hungry mind’s of our innocent children.

    My friends, we are truly living in cruel days and evil hours. The fact that we now have a sitting American president who is brainwashing our children and using propaganda to make them want to have abortions, do drugs, engage in premarital sex and denounce our nation’s religion is all very sad and scary.

    We must stand up against Obama’s evil ways. Parents, to combat this subversive media attack by Obama, you must remain fervent in prayer and resolute in filtering all the harmful liberal propaganda from your home.

    Restrict what your kids can access on television and the internet. Ensure that the products they buy are not under protest. But most of all, continue to pray and in 2012 make sure you vote these vile, traitor democrats out of office.

    The Democrats are now selling out the souls of our children to the Chinese communists, and today parents, it’s up to you to draw the line and make a stand.

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