• Obama Is Spending $1 Billion Dollars To Aid Palestinian Hamas Terrorists

    March 4, 2009 4:14 am 16 comments

    Today Barack Hussein Obama, the purported savior president of the United States, has done the unthinkable. He has vowed to spend $1 billion dollars in aid to the Muslim terrorists of Palestine. Shock and awe set over Washington DC at this unbelievable offense to America and our ally Israel.

    The breaking news just in from Reuters:

    The United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza…

    …the Islamist Hamas movement runs Gaza and remains formally committed to the destruction of the Jewish state…

    Clinton’s bid to get “substantial” funds could face an uphill battle in Congress because Hamas continues to rule Gaza and the U.S. focus is on its own souring economy.

    So let’s analyze and get this straight. The US is facing the worst economic recession in its history. Good, hardworking Americans are being thrown from their homes, cannot find work, fund their child’s education and are without health care.

    Now, suddenly, we have $1 billion to give to the terrorists who attacked defenseless Israeli village with rockets?

    Now, we’re going to overcompensate and clean up the mess Israel made when it was forced to defend itself from Hamas in Gaza?

    This is outrageous! Obama is funneling money into Palestine, claiming it is not going to aide Hamas, when ALL the money we’re sending is to rebuild the infrastructure of Hamas owned Gaza.

    What’s even worse is now these terror people are getting $1 billion stimulus package from YOUR tax money, so they can spend it on food, health care, creating new jobs, buying new rockets to attack Israel and starting the cycle all over again.

    This is simply preposterous and it’s very unAmerican. What do good, hardworking Americans have to do this day and age to catch a buck, Obama?

    Should we all put on one of those hooded-ninja terror outfits that all Muslim women are forced to wear and shoot rockets at Israel? Will you start giving us back our money then? Do we have to denounce all things that America is supposed to stand for before you will see as as worthy of getting our own money back?

    I’m sick and tired of the disloyal lies and deceits of Democrats. They are now selling America out to Persio-Arabian foreigners, probably just to get some oil money promised to their coffers down the road. By giving aid to Palestine, Obama has shown his true color and dark agenda for his administration.

    The only hope that we have of not sending this $1 billion dollars of your money to the terror lands of Palestine is Congress. They can vote this bill down, but as you know, Democrats have a majority there too.

    I thought when you had a war against terror, you weren’t supposed to rebuild your enemy’s land all back up?

    When Saddam was caught plotting against America, Bush stormed in and brought freedom to Iraq. He did not gravel before Saddam and send him tributes of $1 billion, so he could make bigger plots against us.

    I’m disgusted and this confirms the warnings we were getting about the suspicious B. Hussein Obama and his democratic minions who are unraveling the good of America.

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