• Parents Pull Your Children Out of Public Schools Right Now

    March 30, 2009 6:53 pm 26 comments

    My blood boils over with rage from the following picture a reader sent us. Public schools have taken homo gay agendas to a disgusting new level and this is the most sickening example of atheism gone wild I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I wish this were Salem and we still had witch trials because I’d be the first to tie demented liberal witch teachers up to rocks and through them over cliffs into icy rivers to see if they float. They would hopefully drown in more than the water but the sins of guilt for corrupting our children.

    Smokey the Bear once taught our children about the dangers of forest fires but now it looks like Smokey himself better learn about the dangers of hellfire, because that’s where all these vile liberal sin mongler’s are headed for promoting the gays love of lapping up the devil’s food cake from each other’s sinholes.

    Parents, don’t let your children bake in the oven of Satan because liberal teachers want to teach them how to be gay. Immediately take your children out of public schools and teach them yourself or put them in a private. Or you’ll find their privates will be turned to sin factories by the liberal chuch of the enemy.

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