• Portia Di Rossi Apologizes For Being Gay Lesbian With Ellen Degeneres

    March 22, 2009 8:10 pm 39 comments

    Liberal lesbian couple Portia Di Rossi and Ellen Degeneres are starting to realize the error of their ways, as Rossi made a public confession of her sins on Jimmy Kimmel.

    As you know, several months ago liberals and feminists in California cheated polls to legalize gay marriage for several months. During this time, Rossi and Degeneres had pagan sin-wedding, which is not official marriage, and after the ceremony Ellen now apparently considers herself transformed into husband of Rossi.

    Magic marriage ceremonies do not change your gender. Women, clam dabbling with another woman is not ok. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to push the homo gay agenda and trick you into destroying the American nuclear family. Ellen is still a beautiful woman and as such should be married to a stately gentleman named Porter, not Portia. It’s heart-warming to see they realize this and use humor to ease the audience into the words of truth: gay is not ok.

    If you pay attention you see they also touch on how pets can get infected with gay too.

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