• President Obama Makes Nasty Special Olympics Bowling Joke

    March 20, 2009 8:15 am 33 comments
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  • My heart is broken as video evidence has emerged. Video evidence that shows our beloved leader, Barack Obama, making fun of the Special Olympics.

    It was painful to hear our leader, who we trust to lead this great nation, betraying our endeared love for him and say such things. After praying for his well-being night after night, and telling America and the world to support this sweet, smiling man as he leads this nation, this is what he does he return.

    He betrayed our love by saying liberal words of hate.

    In an interview, Jay Leno asked of Mr. Obama, “So how are your bowling skills.”

    Barack Obama responded, “It’s something like the Special Olympics.” Such insensitivity. I am so betrayed by the Democrats right now, who once again show they do not love all of God’s people, and you’re outraged at Obama’s words too. Let us look at this video evidence so we may become more upset.

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