• Protecting Your Child Against The Homosexual TV Agenda

    March 7, 2009 1:38 pm 98 comments

    Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    After my advice column last week, where I chose to answer questions about parenting and young relationships, many of you opened up and asked more personal questions about raising your children.

    There were dozens of emails that essentially pertained to one topic, and it’s a topic that is of definite great concern this day and age: homosexuality on television. Basically, is there a homosexual agenda in modern television and movie media, and does it pose a danger to our kids?

    The answer to this question, I’m afraid, is yes. There is a major homosexual agenda going on right now, and it’s aimed at breaking your children. Day in and day out, gays and their supporters are fighting to corrupt the mind of your child.

    They want your kid to think that homosexual activity is natural and normal, so that when your kid grows up to voting age, they will enable their agenda of getting married and fornicating with members of the same sex.

    Those facts are troubling, but what’s even more disturbing is the violent, exploitative nature of homosexual men. The more they feel their choice to be gay is accepted, the more comfortable they will be in trying to attack and molest your child.

    Detailed medical research shows that up to 25% of boys are being molested by homosexual men. This number is of course higher, as there are those who do not admit to it.

    For every one adult homosexual, three to four boys are being sexually molested.

    Gays will try to seduce your son in various ways, all to make them feel ‘trapped’ in a relationship where they can be exploited.

    Research shows that of the 8 million boys who are annually raped by homosexuals, 50 percent of male AIDS victims report being trapped into sex with an adult male by the age 16.

    Even more sickening, 20 percent of male AIDS victim suffered this fate by age 10.

    Parents, we must stop the gays in their tracks. In your heart you know the more movies like Brokeback Mountain (which won awards) and gay pride tv shows like Queer Eye for Straight Guys, Ellen and the child aimed Spongebob cartoon (among many others) are allowed to make a gay lifestyle seem ok, the higher the risk of your kid being forcibly sodomized and dieing from AIDS.

    What Can I Do To Protect My Child Against Gay TV/Movies?

    The gays are deeply entrenched in a culture war. They want to force straight Americans to accept their unnatural ways. They want to force their way into television media, and into your household, so their lifestyle can become a ‘household item’.

    Gay men are forcing themselves on our children and still demanding for us parents give them more rights all the while. This ridiculous cycle of unprecedented attack upon us must come to an end. A great place we can start battling the gay agenda is by hurting their media campaign.

    When you see dangerous things on television, especially homosexuality, immediately go to AFA.net to protest it. The FCC has provided us with the resources to protest shows that are attacking our lives, our culture and our family.

    You should also protest television stations that promote gay television shows. They need to realize that as the homosexual agenda spreads, not just our morality is at risk, but our families as well.

    In addition to visiting the AFA link above, moms may also join the One Million Moms campaign to stay informed and especially protest the gay menace to society.

    Homosexuality is an abomination to natural order, and the acts of gays are violent, perverse and subversive. It is up to us, today, parents, to take steps to protect our children from the dangerous homogay agenda. Please do not wait too late, as their next attack may hit close to you.

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