• Queer Amir From College Humor Gets Pranked, Humiliated

    March 8, 2009 11:13 am 23 comments

    For the last several weeks we’ve been at war against the demon rod suckler writers and staff over at College Humor.com. These dangerous people have created a kingdom of perversion with their celebrating prostitutes, drugs and the homogay lifestyle in videos and writing.

    The entire site is sick, but the worst thing on it is a queer show they call Jake and Amir. A fancy, mustachioed man who slowly drives a black, windowless van through your neighborhood is less dangerous to your kids than the fag globlins Jake and Amir.

    Their little show promotes homo relations between two men and it is an abomination. If you review their program, you see that Amir seems to be taking on the role of passive woman, with batting his eyelids and softly caressing his lover’s bosom.

    While we researched more examples of Amir being a little finger poke craving sugar plum , we came across this documentary where Amir intentionally ruined the proper relationship of one of his ‘friends’ named Skeeter.

    Amir’s raging homo agenda was quite clear in that video, and being a proper man, his buddy crafted a very good revenge against this little fancy boy. My favorite part is where you can see the look of pain and embarrassment hit Amir, as he realizes his dream of $500,000 gay orgy night in West Hollywood would not become a reality.

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