• Richard Dawkins Indirectly Tells All Christians To ‘F**K Off’

    March 6, 2009 6:39 pm 19 comments
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  • Richard Dawkins is a very atheist man who loves to spread depraved lies about the reality of existence and is probably too scared to debate a savvy creationist, much like our friend Dr. Heinkel, as we’ve seen time and time again.

    While atheists will typically try to deny the true nature of Richard Dawkins, a man who only engages in public arguments he thinks he can win and should debate a true creationist so he’ll find God, an odd moment was captured as the laughable ‘astrophysicist’ Neil Degrasse Tyson had a rare lapse of good and questioned Dawkin’s tactic in debate.

    Tyson essentially asked Dawkins to stop living a lie and admit that he was on an anti-religious crusade, which necessarily means that he has entered into the realm of public opinion, as no science is certain. Dawkins did not like this very well and in a veiled manner told Tyson, ‘if Christians don’t agree with me or my opinions on science, they can just ‘F* off’.

    That’s very rude, cowardly and highly unprofessional. It does give more credence into the true nature of Dawkins and why he refuses to debate. He’ll have to run off screaming ‘lalala’ while yelling obscenities to save face when confronted by the Face of Truth. Pathetic. Let’s look at the video of the child trapped in a man’s body:

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