• Satan’s Lifestyles: Rock ‘n Roll

    March 14, 2009 11:19 am 27 comments


    Drums clash, basses utter their brainwashing chords, and guitars melodically lure astray the pure of heart. All around, pills are being popped, cigarettes are being puffed, and innocent Christian girls are losing their purity to society’s refuse. It’s a scene that is all too common among the unsavory youth of today, and though we all try to be good Christian parents and shield our children from the filth, we cannot help but lose at least a few members of our herd to the dangers of the Rock n’ Roll generation.


    It is unclear where the guitar comes from, but throughout history, it has presented itself with a great musical ability. The guitar can influence the way we feel, and manipulate our emotions with such ease that it is revered in many unholy cultures as a weapon of great power, simply because of its subconscious manipulative ability. But power often corrupts, and many of today’s Rock n’ Rollers have become so deluded and corrupted that they have played right into the hands of satan. They use the guitar not for good, but for misguiding evil, and the harmonies can turn child against parent, friend against ally, and even man against God. satan recognizes this, and will use the guitar to his advantage whenever possible.


    Similar to the guitar, the bass’s role is to provide a low tone in repetition. This tone works in the same way the guitar does, but when the tone is repeated, listeners are lulled into a false sense of security and an easily influenced zombie state. The guitar and bass are often used in tandem because of this; the bass breaks down a good Christian’s sense of moral right and wrong, and the guitar guides them down the unrighteous path. The bass, along with the guitar, should be avoided and drowned out, unless in the hands of a professional of Christian morals.


    Originating in the unholy continent of africa, drums were often used in ritualistic ‘spirit dances’ designed to frenzy the tribe into a crazed and violent state. These poor, misguided souls believed their god was inhabiting their uncleansed bodies, when in all actuality, this was most likely the work of satan himself. Though we cannot say for sure what it is about the rhythmic instrument of evil through which satan acts, we can definitely be sure of one thing: God doesn’t approve.

    Putting It All Together

    The Rock n’ Roll teens of today often portray a blatant personal image of rebellion and noncompliance, which the Church simply cannot tolerate. They use their evil sound to corrupt those who are easily led astray from the Good path, and bring them to the dark side. Unfortunately, teenagers cannot see clearly the purely evil forces at work when they are deluded by satan’s melodies, and many feel it is okay to listen to a song or two just because their friends do. This is false logic, and any child who attempts to argue this should be closely watched, for satan may have already gotten his filthy horns entangled in his actions. Above all, NEVER allow your child to attend any gatherings which promote this unholy sound.


    Obviously, we have a very difficult task ahead of us. Our children need protecting, but they do not want protecting. They will beg you, they will plead, cry, and possibly scream, for they will not be able to see why you are resisting so diligently something so innocent-sounding. However, as Christians, we have already considered this reality, and hope to provide a solution that will both please your children and keep them on the Righteous Path. Christian Rock balances these unholy sounds with the Word of the Lord. So long as the message is pure, satan will not be able to intervene, no matter how hard he tries. If you want to have any hope of saving your children from sin, you will buy their love with a Christian Rock album.

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