• Scientists Have Created Gay Pink Dolphin Species

    March 4, 2009 10:05 am 151 comments

    Scientists have now evolved a dolphin that has faggy pink skin and oversized blowhole phenotype!

    As I continued my quest to find more examples of the homogay agenda to warn everyone about today, a week of straight prayer and fasting could not have prepared my eyes to see this genetic abomination.

    As you know, scientific poll data indicate gay males fantasize about gaping, pink sinholes an average of 23-26 times a day. This is likely why you usually see them daydreaming when they should actually be performing their little secretary and nursing jobs.

    So really it should come as no shock that homo scientists are now molesting nature itself to create a living version of their perverted fantasies. They have no respect for divine order!

    This genetic abomination is one of the worst examples to date from the dangerous genetic engineers. If you look closely at the following pictures, you can see these scientists have made this little flamboyant fagoteer dolphin smaller than normal too.

    I’m sickened and outraged at how the gays are exploiting nature just to fulfill there fantasy of having a “cute” little gay sex pet. This is no doubt tied into the gay-pride dolphin pornography being peddled by Jake and Amir at CollegeHumor.

    We must put a stop to this filth!

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