• Terrifying – Putin, Soviets Caught Trying To Break Ronald Reagan (picture evidence)

    March 22, 2009 8:47 am 9 comments

    The true nature of the Soviets is revealed once again, this time in exclusive photographic evidence which shows the wily antics of the atheistic Russian government.

    In the following picture you see noble President Ronald Reagan, rest his soul, shaking hands and introducing freedom to a young communist sin-child.

    It would seem an innocent enough picture, but if you carefully look at the blonde-haired ‘tourist’ behind the boy –the one with the fake camera around his neck — you notice it’s none other than a young KGB operative and Russian dictator Vladmir Putin.

    This is the same Vladimir Putin that killed a tiger with his bare hands and makes ‘how to kill nice Americans dead with Chinese Judo’ videos. Look at how his little beady atheist eyes peer at Reagan, all ready to take out a man on a peaceful mission of teaching the misguided Soviets the ways of America.

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