• The BJ Radio Show Is Pornography For The Ears

    March 3, 2009 7:54 am 19 comments
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  • Warning – This article discusses a very heathen community and contains photographic evidence of their transgressions. If you have women and children in the room, please first pray together and then have them leave before reading. Thank You.
    - CSB

    My dear friends, as you know we have been engaged in warfare against the immoral miscreants behind the The BJ Radio Show.

    This is a very sick show where every person on it is a crack-spreading prostitute for Satan. They just sit back and let Satan fill them up with the juices of evil, then spew their abundant aural and visual pornographic drugs all over the airwaves.

    We first found about this show after they told lies about sermon excerpts from Pastor Jack Gould, on air to their listeners, and our interns requested that they allow us to censor their show.

    These atheistic wonders not only refused the polite requests of our interns but harassed them in the most dogged, perverse fashion. They hurled everything from profanities to even malicious Facebook attacks upon several of our female interns.

    Upset, Tyson Bowers and I decided to sit in on BJ Radio’s live broadcast this past week. What we witnessed was nothing short of appalling, depraved and frightening.

    As you know, we’ve actively campaigned against Howard Stern’s radio show, for it promoting pornography and graphic speech every which way. My friends, even the antics of Howard Stern have nothing on what you will witness on this gay-inducing BJ Radio show.

    Photo Evidence: Female guests and web fans of the BJ Radio show have no shame in assaulting you with filthy carnality.

    The opening webcast of this show has a segment called Masturbation Orgy time. It’s where the hosts encourage listeners to call in while ‘frapping’ to the people they are interviewing on their simultaneous webvideo broadcast. This week they interviewed a New York band named Radio Drama.

    One of the three girls of this band, named Amber, looked to be wearing only a shirt and no pants, showing off her sin-causing legs on purpose. When I called in to tell this young lady to put on some proper pants or a long skirt to cover up her iniquity, she proceeded to make remarks of a sexual nature to me.

    Harassed, I felt deeply offended by her put-ons. But it did not stop there. Before I knew it, women on the show all started to lift their tops and expose their milk-sacks to me. One web viewer named Tracey even joined in and wrote ChristWire across her chest.

    That was enough and I left, calling in once more to express my displeasure with this radio kingdom of sin. As if to add insult to injury, these heathens even apparently did fake calls of Tyson and I calling into the show, changing our words with imitations of others to make us look like really bad people.

    Friends, this BJ Radio show is uncouth and must allow us to censor all their shows from this point on. Pray and then join us live tonight (7pm EST) as we visit their New York studios and take this filth down!


    It turns out this “Amber” friend of BJ Radio also has made a turkey pornography video. We have to put a stop to these people.

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