• The Fastest Animal, Mammal On Earth Is A Cheetah

    March 10, 2009 6:02 am 20 comments

    Yesterday a female politician from Wisconsin was embarrassed on national television, as she claimed the fastest animal on Earth is Wisconsin’s native antelope.

    Of course, this woman’s assertions were incorrect and the little fancy mocking comedian Stephen Colbert of all people had to correct her. The cheetah is the fastest land mammal, and animal for that matter, with scientific survey revealing it typically travels in excess of 70 mph in short bursts, when tracking and running down its prey.

    Antelopes are documented as only running about 60 mph, though due to their musculature and lightweight bodies, their inertia remains relatively low when they are forced to flee their predators and as such, they require both a smaller coefficient of friction and force to change their directional vector.

    This allows antelopes to zig-zag and elude an equally fast or perhaps even faster predator. God’s design in each creature is truly wonderful, and the agile antelope and fantastically quick cheetah are no exception.

    The following video is also inspirational, as even when it seems your enemy has you overwhelmed and has your life by the proverbial throat you may just find a great miracle will come your way. Watch to the end and have a blessed Tuesday!

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