• Tucker Carlson Rips Biased Pundit Jon Stewart for Jim Cramer Interview

    March 16, 2009 12:04 pm 14 comments
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  • The liberal media a a dangerous, biased machine that as you know, has allowed the current Iraqi war, economic crisis and unemployment disaster fall upon this nation. They twist facts to fit their own agenda and to line their own coffers, all while leaving all of us normal, hardworking folks to suffer the consequences.

    Last week left-wing news pundit Jon Stewart, who hides his propaganda mill Daily Show under the Comedy Central banner, attacked expert economic analyst Jim Cramer in horrendous fashion.

    Jon Stewart is a disgusting liberal who challenged noble President George W. Bush and his cabinet at every turn, even going as far as to criticize our war on terror and trying to make thing like Gitmo and waterboarding look unnecessary. Stewart is a menace and obstruction to American progress.

    Fortunately, Tucker Carlson had enough of Jon Stewart’s attempts to subvert American enterprise. Carlson must realize Stewart is in cahoots with his lord Obama, trying to sell America out to Asian interests and undermine the US economy with socialist rhetoric.

    Stewart’s attempts to demonize Jim Cramer and the good people on Fox News was the last straw, and Mr. Carlson lets loose something fierce and tells it like it is to Jon Stewart.

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    Karen Gray Karen Gray is a student of journalism at LMU and international events columnist for the CW.

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