• Update: Immoral Japanese Anime Pornography Temple

    March 16, 2009 12:22 am 48 comments

    As you know, the Japanese are a people whose morals have lead them to create very questionable forms of ‘arts’ and entertainment in times past and until this very day.

    In the production queue of the modern Japanese immorality machine is a new form of media called anime, which is the Japanese word for ‘pornography’. As we’ve reviewed in lectures and columns in the past, the Japanese are actively trying to sneak these animes into your homes and into the minds of your precious children.

    One would only hope this new Japanese trend would abate and the seemingly endless plague of anime would fade away, but it’s not the case. In a symbol of their dedication to this new pornography cartoon brand they’re crafting, the pagan Japanese have now constructed a giant, immoral anime girl shrine above one of their busy train stations.

    This architectural monstrosity is truly disturbing, both in terms of its morally questionable aesthetics and societal implications, and many of you expressed concern and fear after first learning about this temple of filth last week. Others asked if there was any other documentation about this temple.

    Interested as well, we asked our sources in Japan to provide more pictures and this is what we received. Please have any women and children leave the room before reviewing this new architectural terror and continue to pray that God strikes it down with a giant tsunami or Earthquake:

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