• Vampire Discovered in Mass Grave

    March 8, 2009 12:26 pm 34 comments
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  • A mass grave dig revealed a vampire, who had bricks stuffed in its mouth for spreading The Black Death
    Mass grave dig reveals a vampire, who had bricks stuffed in its mouth for spreading The Black Death
    (photo credit New Scientist)

    Several weeks ago we learned about the dangers of a new movie named Twilight, which encouraged kids to start practicing the dark art of vampirism.

    Nationwide, parents took to panic as their teenagers were turned into vampire love slaves by this evil film. Stores began selling vampire outfits as teens were fully engaged in Satanic rituals, even taking time to make a new blood ceremony drink called tamato.

    Vampires have long been a scourge on human society, attacking innocent victims with neck bites and spreading demonically crafted viruses for thousands of years now.

    As you may know, during the Middle Ages followers of vampirism spread a tragic disease known as ‘The Black Death’, or, the Bubonic plague, that nearly wiped out the entire population of Europe.

    Men of the time watched in horror as the black death plague brought suffering and death to their wives and family. As such, they had no choice but to combat the spread of this disease by stuffing bricks in the mouths of those who practiced the vampire arts.

    A recent archaeological survey in Venus discovered the remains a female vampire who had bricks stuffed into her mouth before being thrown into a grave. As mentioned, this practice was necessary as vampires spread plague by chewing on the shrouds and bodies of the dead, then arising to go around to spread the deadly disease to others.

    This dark chapter of human history nearly wiped out the peak civilization of humanity at the time. Due to the rampant death and destruction this cult of evil brought to mankind, the Middle Ages experienced a noticeable decline in civics, sciences and prosperity

    Fortunately, exorcisms such as the one brought to this female vampire eventually brought a temporary end to vampirism and The Black Death. This does not mean it cannot happen again, and for that, we must keep the lessons from history in mind.

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