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    March 13, 2009 10:59 am 40 comments
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  • Christian TV Review: South Park Episode 13×01 – The Ring

    South Park began a new season in its typical fashion of debauchery, mockery and utter filth. In this episode, The Ring, South Park’s drug-toking writers took extra care to disrespect moral Christians worldwide.

    This episode had to do with the Promise Ring, which apparently a boy band named the Jonas Brothers, a singing product of the magical-homo supporting Disney Company, wears at their concerts.

    Behind the rampant cussing, sexual innuendo and violence that has no place in the life of elementary school children, this episode’s point was that the Jonas Brothers are somehow using promise rings to distract from the fact that they and Disney are marketing sex to adolescent girls.

    As you know, lust is not something that naturally fills a teen’s heart. It has to be implanted and festered, which Satanic music (e.g., urban black rap, heavy metal, techno and so on) is known to do.

    Without surprise this episode misrepresented the facts, by mocking youth who choose to symbolize their pride in abstinence and implying promise rings somehow make our kids act like elderly, middle-aged people. This is not true. Take a look at your local church youth group or sports club; the majority of those teens are abstinent and live normal, healthy teenage lives.

    So in their attack on Disney, South Park’s writers just could not refuse attacking morality and America by attacking Christianity as well. They essentially called us righteous parents ‘dumb’ and being fooled by Disney, as if we are strangers to Disney’s secular antics and need to be boycotted time and time again.

    While this episode did present true facts like the bacterial danger of female mouth, which proves why kids sneaking off to kiss behind closed doors dangerous, and a boy died at the end from an unholy disease from pre marital tomfoolery, it was just rife with sin and muck

    There were many impious references to children doing unholy canoodling of each others tiddlywinks, and as such this episode is simply disgusting and unacceptable.

    Parents, you must not let your kids watch this filth, as this creation by Matt Parker and Trey Stone is another cartoon that will lead your precious children into a life of drugs, whoredom and death.

    Warning: The following video is highly offensive. Before reviewing for your parenting group/church, please insure your wife and kids are out of the room and pray up your strength in the Lord too.

    Moral Rating:
    -4/5 – D (Depraved) for
    Cussing, violence, blasphemy, premarital relations, magic, anthropomorphizing animal without explanation, STD by name on children’s show

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