• Watchmen Video Game Promotes Homo Gay and Violence

    March 18, 2009 11:30 am 19 comments

    My anger grows slowly by slowly as I watch captured video footage from the new Watchmen game. This game is pure propaganda that will turn your child into a murderous, gay psycho stabkiller.

    Last week we discovered the new Watchmen movie was very bad as it has a blue Mr. Clean man with exposed peedemon, all in attempts to introduce the movie audience to gay lifestyle.

    Now there is the obligatory video game that has come out and its purpose is sinister. It encourages men to run around stabbing each other in the stinky sinholes ith their members, committing murder in the process.

    Studies show 74% of teens who commit acts of violence do so after watching violent video games. STD rates and teen pregnancy is 83% (+/- 3 moe) lower in households that ban evil non-Christian games. I do not even want to know how many children are turned homo by gay-inducing games.

    I spit with angered disgust on this immoral game and you should to0. As we look upon evidence please join in prayer to combat the evil merchandising of Watchmen! It is very bad. Very, very bad. Only by falling on prayer warrior knees can we combat this game and its agenda.

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