• World’s Fastest Undresser, New Immoral Japanese Gameshow

    March 5, 2009 3:19 pm Comments Off
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  • The Japanese are at it again, this time creating a gameshow where they encourage contestants to see who can publicly strip faster than any other person.

    As you know, Japan represents a group of people who are morally compromised and embattled. Even before they aligned themselves with the menace of NAZI Germany and tried to sneak attack America and her allies, their society was represented by primitive pagan rituals and wild sexual antics.

    This gameshow is not helping their morality at all. Women in Japan have become accustomed to getting molested on very crowded subway trains and accepting it as a normal part of life. This is not right and is an offense to at least some international conventions. Japan needs to get their morals together and stop making light of their known societal problems. This video is pretty sand and we need to help show them the light.


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