• A Clown Attacks Iran Terror Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad With Red Nose

    April 21, 2009 8:19 am 7 comments
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  • Clown Throws Red Nose at Terror King Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Clown Throws Red Nose at Terror King Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Breaking: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked while making speech at the U.N. A limited number of delegates confirm the attacker was an irate clown.

    Controversy continues to stir at the United Nations Racism Conference, where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demanded time to make a speech.

    Ahmadinejad’s initial speech document was seen by many world leaders as a blatant ‘hate speech’ against the Jewish people of Israel. Essentially, the speech made allusion to the far-fetched notion that the Holocaust did not happen.

    Scores of disgusted diplomats walked out of the U.N. conference when the hard-line king of terror called Israel the “most cruel and repressive racist regime.”

    As these events took place, the United States and many other proper Western countries refused to take any further part in the conference. Only a few delegates remained to listen to Ahmadinejad’s rant.

    One man, however, took a different road of expressing his disgust. A still unknown assailant, dressed in a clown’s wig, took a ‘red, soft object’ and hurled it at the malevolent Ahmadinejad, just as he was made his ‘most cruel and repressive’ comment at the expense of Israel.

    Many have already heralded this young man as a hero, who stood up to a very ugly, hateful man who is a leader within the Axis of Evil.

    Today’s event has similarities to several months ago, when United States President George W. Bush was giving his last visit and inspirational speech to a free Iraq. As Bush made his speech, a rogue journalist violently hurled two deadly shoes at the noble American president.

    Unlike the event from several months ago, however, this young man attacked a self-proclaimed Iranian ‘leader’ who does nothing but spout hate, tries to build illegal nuclear weapons, wishes to commit Holocaust and President George Bush labeled as part of the ‘Axis of Evil’.

    I salute this young man and every person who loves freedom should as well. God loves his people and there is no person on Earth who hates Jewish people more than Iranians. This young man is a man of integrity, morality and this moment should be proudly added to the annals of history.

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