• A Real Life Unicorn Women (scientific picture evidence)

    April 21, 2009 1:30 pm 137 comments

    Well, well, well. It looks like some smart mouth atheists are getting ready to eat a big slice of humble pie.

    Last week we warned everyone about the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie trailer. As you should well know, Harry Potter is very immoral and dangerous to your kids because it contains demonic themes, mature innuendo and is very bigoted against Christianity.

    The entire Harry Potter series is blasphemous and I only wish this were the pre-colonial days so we could have this Mr. J.K Rowling put on trial then shamed in gallows, as he watched us burn all of his books for spreading witchcraft. After all that he would confess his sins and confess Harry Potter is the devil’s work, lest we help God cast him into burning Lake of Fire with all his books!

    But it’s the modern days and heathens worldwide have hijacked our court systems and are reveling in this new Harry Potter filth. They think the evil themes in these Harry Potter’s books are not real issues to be concerned about. Satan’s best lie is convincing atheists that he and his tools of sin induction do not exist.

    Two no good atheist commentators, Sid and Atsuki Saijo, presumably a Chinase, rebuked my analysis of the upcoming Harry Potter film. For some reason they seemed to think that unicorn people don’t exist and therefore Harry Potter should get a free pass for having homosexually gay unicorns in the movie.

    The fact is that original unicorns were among the first animals created on Earth and the first that Adam named. They were beautiful and were granted special abilities, but sadly became extinct during the flood because Noah ‘couldn’t’ fit the very wild and powerful animals into his boat.

    I still spit in disgust at all the tripe Harry Potter is trying to cram into the mind of our children. The fact full grown adults are so ignorant to see this serpent’s scam of demonizing our history is infuriating!

    So I did extensive research to show faithless heathen people out there that yes, unicorn people do exist and yes, Harry Potter movies use this, among many other things, to bring sin to your kids and slyly offend Christians.

    Now you should understand that like with many human afflictions, Satan sometimes uses his powers of sin to alter the, alleles, and codons of the body, messing up the protein secretions in such a way that improper structures form, upregulation takes place and Satan’s genotypical sin is phenotypically expressed.

    My best hypothesis is that Satan found some of God’s original DNA blueprint from the unicorn skeletons (original unicorns were pure and horselike, but drowned in the flood) buried deep in the terror regions, then used that DNA to genetically evolve sin right into the forehead of the unicorn people, to create a new magical master class of humans.

    Satan has used his scientific powers and evolved a women into a unicorn.  You can see his works expressed by the single horn phenotype.

    Satan has used his scientific powers and evolved this women into a unicorn. You can see his works expressed by the single horn phenotype.

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