• A Womean Gets Stucked In Her Car!!!

    April 16, 2009 5:11 pm 19 comments
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  • Oh boy I can’t stop laughing. Listen to this pathetic critter as she has to call for help because she got stucked in her car!

    God surely meant to make a point when he plucked Eve right out of Adam. Women are our companions but they just are not capable of being man’s equal. They aren’t as strong and fast, lacking man’s mental prowess too. So it’s every time I find a funny video like this I only post them out of love for the humor God intended women to provide his sons.

    I should also mention that this is why it’s important for your wife to have a mobile cellica phone. When she’s out with your children and driving her minivan, it’s only a matter of time before she messed up adn has to call you or the police for help. You don’t want them stuck in an alley somewhere and her sitting there, crying helpless. There’s nothing funny about that.

    But when you get to them and can help, and it’s caught on tape or recording, oh man it’s a good time. Just listen to this. I just love our lesser species of women folk.

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