• Are Your Children Dirty Little Easter Commies?

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    Satan’s Attack on Halloween, Christmas and Easter

    As Christians we must begin taking Satan our of our American holidays.

    As Christians we must begin taking Satan our of our American holidays.

    As Christian parents, we must realize that playing around with the dark liberal occult of atheism is very dangerous.

    We are in a battle with the forces of evil every day, just as the good scriptures warn us.

    The newest way Satan is attacking you is by perverting all of our Christian holidays, then using those holidays to destroy each member of your family.

    Now secular parents out there will try to tell you, “Oh, come on, there’s nothing wrong with letting your little girl dress up like a Twilight vampire hooker and knock on all these strange men’s doors by herself” or “What’s wrong with little Johnny getting a World of Warcraft game board this X-mas?”

    I’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong.

    Satan understands that the mind of our children are fresh and open, so he does his best to sneak himself into your child’s body at a young age and infect them with depression, drugs and prostitution.

    What’s sad is that if you’re celebrating Halloween, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving in a worldly way, you’re helping Satan mentally molest your own children!

    Just imagine the guilt in your heart if one day you find your daughter has OD’d on Halloween candy or your boy turned up on the 5′oclock news missing, taken by a child-snatcher, all because you couldn’t resist peer pressure from your secular friends. Your kids ended up killed dead because you didn’t celebrate holidays in a holy way.

    Now I don’t know about you, but the most important thing in my life is ensuring my kids stay safe. I feel that way because I am a good parent, and you should feel the same way too.

    If you’re a young parent and do not want your child to die young, it is especially important for you to pay attention to each and every part of these life saving details.

    Halloween and Your Child
    Please also listen to our feature on ‘How Catholics Should Take Back ‘Holy’ Halloween

    You younger parents may not know this, but Halloween is a Christian holiday.

    The original name for Halloween is “All Hallow’s Eve” or “All Saint’s Day”. It started out as a celebration to honor all people, who have passed, and a time of sharing with one’s neighbors as they honored their loved ones who were dead by Earthly standards but eternally alive in heaven.

    The first notion of this holiday started with the Celts, who were conquered and taught the ways of morality by the Roman empire, under the dictates of several popes. Very neat!

    As the tradition grew and became proper by Christianity, the aspects of celebrating, sharing and remembering loves ones increased. But in time, however, the atheists started to become jealous of this joyous celebration and found a clever way to introduce Satan into the mix.

    Corrupt businesses began to market the ‘death’ aspect of Halloween by marketing macabre clothing for impressionable kids to wear. Child molesters, drug pushers and homosexuals who secretly live in your neighborhood upped the ante by ‘being known’ to give more candy to the kids who wore the bloodiest or trampiest costumes.

    Over time, the standard for Halloween became all about ‘more candy’ and ‘more sluttiness and blood’. Just look at these Halloween costumes here and tell me Satan doesn’t have an agenda.

    Satan has a sweet tooth and he delights in the sugary taste of your sweet children. So it is no surprise that he used candy to corrupt Halloween and get your kids to knock on the dangerous doors of hell, for a ‘Trick’ that will leave them burning forever.

    As parents, it is your job to ban your child from trick or treating. Last year alone, several studies show over 32% of kids have a chance of being abducted or getting tainted candy on Halloween. 1 in 4 of your sons have a chance of getting molested by a homosexual.

    Unless you want your kids to end up missing or dead on the 5 o’clock news, make God proud and have a ‘Jesus Night’ at your church where kids can dress up as their favorite Bible character, exchange gifts, eat baked pies from the church mothers and take time to rejoice in the eternal life they have in Christ.

    Taking the Christ Out of Christmas

    You may remember several years ago, liberals tried to take the Christ out of Christmas. How preposterous that anyone would think you could celebrate the birthday of Jesus without the birthday boy?

    Fox News first reported the efforts of several California school parents to sue their Board of Education for having a ‘Christmas play’ and ‘Christmas holiday’.

    This dirty attitude shows exactly what’s wrong with America and why God continues to punish us with bad weather, bad economy and not bringing peace to child’s hearts.

    Christmas is supposed to be about sharing, caring and Jesus. Every child in this country should be taught about the nativity and have Christmas plays at their schools. Our nation was founded on Christian principles and every person should be required to accept this truth or admit treason against our government.

    Taking the Christ out of any part of America truly X’s out that part of our heritage and the morality that goes with it. Let’s see what happened since the last time we X’d Christ out of school:

    Christ X’d out of schools in 1962 You see the Supreme Court took Christ out of schools in 1962, by removing prayer from school. Since then we’ve had the Columbine massacre, many other school shootings, more teen pregnancies, violence, lower grades and the list goes on.

    Without Christ, kid’s minds automatically get infected with all the dangerous evils we warn you about. Like Dr. Mengele, Satan loves secular science and his favorite experiment is seeing what new sick types of perversions he can pump into your child’s mouth, mind and heart.

    Don’t warm Satan’s heart next winter by letting anyone take the Christ out of Christmas. Santa Claus is no longer a saint and is the destructive avatar of Satan himself, corrupting kids by promoting irresponsible socialist capitalism and trying to remove Christ from Christmas. What we need to remember is that Santa is not the symbol for Christmas, but rather the nativity, the Christmas star and the holy cross.

    If you’re too poor to take your kids out of public school and put them into a proper school, you should still instruct your children to always draw the nativity scene and wear a cross around Christmas time.

    We need to challenge these liberals and let them know that Christmas is an American holiday, and as such, the only way you can take out Christmas is by saying you want to commit treason against America. And as you know, both crimes are punishable by death from our government and from God.

    How The Easter Bunny Teaches Your Child Communist Atheism

    EastER Bunny Not Meaning of EasterFrom Satan using Halloween to turn your kids into drug-abusing hookers with a penchant for vampirism, all the way to trying to use Christmas to remove Christ from our country, his worst trick to date is trying to steal our American holiday of Easter.

    Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, after he allowed himself to be sacrificed 3 days earlier for all of our sins.

    Somehow along the way, a giant anthropomorphic bunny who teaches socialism and makes no mention of Christ got thrown into the mix.

    How offensive is it that schools will allow your child to draw pictures of a big fake bunny sharing Easter eggs, but will not let them draw a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross, his blood being shared with all 6 billion people on Earth.

    No basket of eggs can outdo the gift of Christ, and yet here we have Satan convincing people otherwise. Cadbury bunnies, Easter egg hunts, bunny costumes and Peeps; these are all the devil.

    Easter needs to get back to the fundamentals. It is all about taking communion, going to church to give Jesus thanks for his gift of eternal salvation, then going home to spend quality time with family. That’s it. All the rest of the stuff, especially Peeps candy and the Easter Bunny, is there to lead your family to divorce and your kids into drugs and prostitution.

    As you prepare to celebrate Christ this Easter Sunday, please remember that Satan’s favorite trick is to appear as an angel of light but lure you closer to him, where you find out that just like Obama, he’s just a dark wolf in sheep’s clothing..

    There are two realities in this world; one is true light, the other is dark. Just as we’re told in the book of John, God wants you to walk in his light. So please stay out of the dark places where Satan and his demons will have you stumbling over commercialized distractions of Santa, egg hording bunnies and vampires.

    Thank you and until next time, God bless.

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