• Barack Obama Bows Down To King of Muslims (picture)

    April 3, 2009 8:23 am 14 comments

    Ann Coulter is brilliant and had it all right. No one listened. Barack Hussein Obama is not fit the be the American president and now he’s betraying everything we stand for: our Godly heritage and our capitalist mandate.

    Your wrath will be set burning with the heat of one million exploding suns after you see the following photograph. I thought the American president was supposed to love America, but it seeems all Obama loves to do is fellatio the antiGod policies of our Muslim and Soviet communist enemies.

    My friends the Musllim communist threat to America is over 2 billion people strong. The Soviets, the Chinese, the Muslim Persiarabs, they’re all there in the number.

    There is nothing these people would love more than to throw your children into a labor camp and then throw a hooded Muslim women ninja outfit on your sweet wife, smacking her around and filling her with their seed until she pumps out litters of half A-rab sinchilds.

    Unless you want your wife to be forced into an Arab-baby making, concubine prostitute, you better take heed and realize what Obama is doing.

    Just yesterday Obama met with Russian vice dictator Medvedev in London. He promised Medvedev that America’s military would do whatever Russia wanted and hide our missiles away. He then promised to visit Moscow, the mecca of communism this July.

    July. July is the most anti-communist month in the American calendar and Obama should be here spreading fear to our enemies by shooting deadly fireworks at them, not cowering before the Czar thrones of Russia during our month of freedom.

    Here’s what Medvedev had to say about the liberal Obama after the summit: “He is my new comrade, [Obama] suits me very well.”

    So Obama is out making the commies feel empowered over America, with their calling him a ‘comrade’.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, Obama then met with his Muslim, America hating overlords. Look at how Obama bows before the Saudi Muslim king’s throne of terror. I bet George Washington and Ronald Reagan are up in heaven right now crying tears of sorrow because of what this Judas ‘president’ is doing to God’s America.

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