• Men Make Homogay Exercise Video on YouTube

    April 8, 2009 2:07 pm 9 comments

    As I searched YouTube for more videos to warn everyone about today, not even 40s days of fasting and praying before God could have prepared me for this following sick video!

    This may be the most gay video on this world wide web. It’s called ‘How to Get Explosive Calves”. Satan loves the smell of homosexuality but even his stomach would churn and have pause because this is the most big, stinkpile of filth I have ever laid my eyes on.

    If I weren’t so busy being nauseaous I would spit in disgust on this filth! Just look at this list of sins, let’s see:

    • Muscleled men mounting each other
    • Check

    • Deep throat grunts
    • Check

    • Rock and roll pornographic music
    • Check

    • Rainbow Pride Subliminal Messages
    • Check

    • Man wearing inappropriate hooker woman’s bikini
    • Check

    • Camera Panning in On Flexed Thights and Legs
    • Yep, Check.

    Looks pretty fruity-filled in sin to me. The offenses keep stacking higher than the tower of Babel in this one and I hope God smites down intolerant gays for bombarding us normal folks with things like this. I’ll be writing YouTube to see why they are still promoting homogay agenda and letting men dogmount and saunter about in bikinis on video.

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