• Carrie Underwood Dress Was Very Lovely (Burgundy Number at ACM Awards)

    April 6, 2009 1:28 pm 3 comments
    44th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show

    Yesterday the 44th annual Academy of Country Music awards took place and it was a pretty good time. From all secular forms of music, American Country tends to be the best as many of the songs stand as a testament to God and most of the stars are of proper morals.

    The highlight of the evening and what has everyone talking, from women to respectful men, is the dress worn by the lovely Carrie Underwood. The burgundy dress she wore was from the ‘Rafael Cennamo collection and was a most impressive burgundy merlot silk taffeta gown.

    The most beautiful thing about Carrie is her love for Jesus. Here is a response to a question from Tysons about her faith in the lord.

    Question to Carrie Underwood:

    Congratulations on your tremendous success.

    Music critics often aren’t kind to pop hitmakers, but I have to say that Ken Tucker’s review of your album on NPR’s “Fresh Air” was particularly nasty. He said “Jesus Take the Wheel” was all about mammon, not God. That sort of thing epitomizes, I think, why most people find NPR elitist and snobbish.

    Which leads to my question. Are you a Christian, or otherwise religious? Can you share your denomination or affiliation?

    Carrie Underwood: I am a Christian but I think so many people can relate to Jesus Take the Wheel because even if they’re not Christian I’m sure there’s been some point in their lives when they’ve needed help from something or someone, which is why the song is doing so well.

    She knows and understands how Christ blesses music. I hope and pray my son finds a good Christian girl like this when he gets around to marrying age, and you should too.

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