• China Red Army Flexes Military Strength, Prepares to Kill Us Dead

    April 21, 2009 9:02 am 10 comments
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    We’ve been warned and now the emboldened Chinese hordes of death and destruction are flexing their military might! No one knows the day or the hour they will strike, but know this: the Chinese menace is coming!

    From the moment of conception, every Chinese baby’s heart contains the genetic coding for hating American. These innate instincts are only amplified by the lifelong propaganda Chinese politicians feed their pleb citizens.

    There is nothing a Chinese soldier would love to see more than his boots soiled with the blood of your loving spouse and children. There is nothing he’d love more than to use your American flag to wipe the tears of joyous laughter from his face as he defiled all the things you love.

    My friends, do not be fooled by China’s beady eyes because they are wide awake and refreshed, ready to make war against us.

    Only several months ago, American scientists doing ocean survey caught the Chinese building 100′s of Jin class submarines! Secret reports from villages showed the the Chinese are using ‘death vans’ to snatch up their citizens during the day and do ‘classified’ experiments on these people, all in attempts to harvest organs for their clone armies.

    The Chinese people are extremely terrifying and their hearts are only filled with icy cold malice. There is no warmth, no mercy, and you should be extremely afraid.

    In the last year alone, China has redoubled its efforts to kill its women citizens so they can have more rations for their massive male clone armies. They have tried to buy up US debts so for the records of history, they’ll try to use ‘justification’ for US wars.

    Make no mistake that the Chinese love reenacting events from history, but in the name of their evil empire!

    Chinese Navy Shows Off Might, Prepares to Attack America

    Even as you read this, the Chinese Navy is boldly sailing around the world and flexing its might! Just as Teddy Roosevelt did at the start of the last American century, the Chinese are taking their boats on a worldwide tour to make everyone scared of their new technology.

    My friends, the Chinese threat numbers in the billions and the American military is currently weak, because Democrats are in office. Democrats do not believe it is important to keep our armies strong and will cause our great country to fall to these Barbarians, much like what happened to Rome!

    Understand that the Chinese will not stop ravaging our lands until all our crops are pilfered, our women and children are defiled with their demonseed and the bones of our men have been picked clean by vultures.

    If China wanted to scare and terrify the good women of America with their antics, congratulations because we are all stricken with fear. They are speaking softly and preparing to skewer us all with big sticks of doom.

    This naval exercise today I fear is the first of many acts of aggression. 12 nations are doing ‘War Exercises’ off the cost of Florida and China’s navy is lurking about the waters of Earth.

    My friends, I love my life and do not want to die. You love your kids and want to see them grow old, get married and have kids of their own. The threat of China chills your soul just as it does mine, so let’s do what’s right and pray to God that they do not attack us before 2012.

    We must vote for a Republican Congress and a Republican president in 2012. We must demand a return to McCarthyism, rearming our nation with tens of thousands of nukes and we should deploy new space weapons of peace as well.

    Only by making our might far superior to that of China can we safely sleep at night, without China sneak attacking us like they did nearly 70 years ago. Let’s do what’s right, and keep China in their place.

    The alternative is the death of your loving family, at the vicious little hands of an atheistic Chinese wonder.

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