• Comcast.net Email Webmail Signin 400 Error

    April 4, 2009 1:29 pm 5 comments
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  • Today you may have noticed the enemy is affecting your Comcast.net email webmail program sign-in, with a 400 server error. Many of our interns use Comcast as well and as far as we can tell, this may be some attack by Satan and his minions to hinder our communication due to a youth rally and prayer conference we’re trying to organize tomorrow in Langley.

    Please join us in this prayer today, so our email will come back online.

    Dear God,

    You are our Holy Master and Redeemer. We thank you for your everlasting love, mercy and salvation.

    Heavenly Father, we ask you today to bless our minds and souls. Bless our spirits. As we plan to tarry, rally and excite our youth to be perfected for use in your service like never before, we come before you for guidance and in a spirit of joy and thanks.

    We ask you fill the hearts of the speakers with your Word, so they may become a living sanctuary unto you, dear Father. We ask that you allow your Holy Spirit to fill their minds, their bodies and their tongues.

    Wash the impieties in their hearts, and our hearts, with the burning, purifying fire of your Holy Spirit whose heat not even the Seraphim can touch.

    We also pray your spirit of healing falls upon the web servers today, dear Father, of company Comcast. net. We plead your blood as we pray for you to hinder the electronic weapons of impiety that have been crafted by the hands of the devil.

    It is written that weapons may be formed against us by our enemies, God, but it is also written that even though weapons may form, THEY NEVER SHALL PROSPER. That is because of you and your love for us, our Father, and today we pray you to cast the demons right out of Comcast Webmail sign-in, so we may communicate and finish organizing our youth rally.

    Your love is everlasting and true, and your heart is always righteous, just and true.

    We ask for all these blessings in the spirit of servitude and humility, in your precious and glorious name.


    Our faith is that we will soon find www.comcast.net up and running again.

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