• Conservative News Sites Are ‘Too Biased’, Says Panelist

    April 8, 2009 3:17 pm 21 comments
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  • [poll id="2"]Last week several of my colleagues and I met up at a regional luncheon for journalists, and during the panel discussion on Modern Media Ethics one younger woman from St. Paul, Minnesota, made a very troubling accusation, and it it surely one that I heard before:

    “To all you right wing panelists, I want to say you’re the most biased pricks on the planet”. She then walked out.

    What set her off was a discussion we had about the current economy. One of the gentleman was a correspondent for Fox News’ affiliate in the Twin Cities, and we basically teamed up and let another panel member have it for trying to promote Obama’s stimulus package.

    Obama is obviously hurting our country, causing division among races and the unemployment rate has jumped up to 8.5%. American businesses are being forced to close and last week Obama made fascist threats against GM and Chrysler, two of our most important car companies, saying he’d force them into bankruptcy if they didn’t comply to his demands of letting the government own and command their operations. Laissez-faire anyone?

    If George Bush was in office, the liberal media would be calling for his impeachment or worse by this point. But now we have people demonizing us traditionally Republican, albeit unbiased Republican, newscasters and journalists for holding President Barack Obama accountable for the promises he made when leading this nation?

    Obama is a man who has pledged to give $1 billion to Palestine, a nation where anti-American Hamas terrorists run the show, while we have American children without healthcare and elderly without food and medicine. This is Obama’s America and it it needs to be reported.

    Still, our liberal antagonists continued to swear we were biased and one speckled hair fellow from the NBC affiliate suggested that if we really wanted to come off as non-biased, we needed to give and I quote ‘us unbiased liberals’ a true chance to lead discussions and voice opinions in response to our tv and radio shows, and our columns as well.

    Fox News has already had this in the works and responded by fully launching My Fox Nation with a few extra features to show our misguided colleagues that no, we do not suppress the truth.

    In this news company we’ve always allowed visitors to freely leave comments, generally unabashed for the most part, so as to show we support free speech and communication within reason. We will also take this a step further and if people truly want it, will give them the ability to share ‘article links’ to news they think is pertinent and shows both sides of a story.

    Our hope is that through it all, you realize the truth; we are not biased and we simply report the truth as it stands.

    So please, let us know your thoughts in the poll I have included. Should this news community, along with our affiliatesallow open posting of links to articles to contest or support our reports, where the votes of the visitors will influence which articles are deemed worthy of prominence?

    Let us know in the poll. It can be an interesting social experiment, to say the least, and if the correct amount of support arises I am sure our respective executives will let us try it out.

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