• Dancing With Stars Shawn Johnson, Marc Ballas And Innaproriate Pants Actions (picture evidence)

    April 1, 2009 5:44 pm 25 comments
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  • I’m not sure how many of you watch a new game show called Dancing With The Stars. It is a tv show where has-been and current celebrities, politicians and athletes pair off, in man/woman teams, then dance to music.

    The best dancing teams are voted by judges and audience and proceed to the next round. Simple enough.

    Now ABC is trying to pass this show off as family fun but the more educated viewer would know that any show that involves dancing is about nothing but sex. Dancing is the prelude to pregnancy and premarital sex. So a show about dancing is hardly appropriate and is surely the last thing you want your young son or daughter watching.

    Well last night evidence of why this show is immoral naturally came to light. At the Beijing Olympics last year (where the no good Chinase used underage gymnasts to cheat and did fake fireworks too but that’s beside the point) you may remember a good American gymnast named Shawn Johnson.

    Shawn was a good sport and did her country proud. Unfortunately, last night she was on Dancing With The Stars and wearing the type of clothes we should keep our kids from wearing. Just look at the pants of her dance partner and you know why dancing is evil and will lead to bad things.

    Don’t let your kids dance, parents. It’s an abomination and will lead to all sorts of unnatural and strange behaviors in their body. I will be writing an angry letter to ABC asking why they promote these shows about dancing and promiscuity.

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