• Dirty Mexicans Infect US, World With H1N1 Swine Flu

    April 25, 2009 2:14 am 144 comments

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    A new deadly flu outbreak is threatening the world population and like most dirty things on Earth, its origin is Mexico.

    I wish I could say I was surprised when I heard that the new swine flu took origin in our little river swimming friends, but what else could you expect from the land of agua mala y Montezuma’s revenge?

    At time of report, 68 Mexicans have died this weekend from this new super virus; six Americans are now infected with Mexican as well. They remain in quarantine and under careful surveillance.

    As the Dirty Mexican Virus first flared up in Mexico, the 3rd world nation immediately shut down its schools and has closed all public events.

    The virulence rate of this specific strain has health officials worried, and the possibility of a declared global pandemic remains to be decided.

    Officials from the World Health Organization have confirmed the virus found within 12 of the Mexican patients was the same as a new strain of swine flu, H1N1. Over 1,000 Mexicans may be carrying the virus right now, and so far the virus has killed nearly 5% of those who’ve contracted it.

    The median range of those infected and killed dead by this virus is 25 to 45, making it extremely troubling and frightening.

    According to various sources, this Dirty Mexican Virus is an unprecedented genetic mixture of Mexican, swine and avian viruses. The unholy trinity has produced a pathogen that is sweeping across Mexican lands, but thankfully, the initial exponential growth curve is normalizing.

    Genetic analysis shows the flu strain is a never-before-seen mixture of swine, human and avian viruses.

    Mexican Virus Comes To America, The World

    Global health officials have been closely watching Mexico and demanding data, stats and access to other vital information. Mexican President Felipe Calderon went on record today, saying:

    “We realize the seriousness of this problem.”

    US health officials warn that many more cases of this virus may be coming up, and so far 8 Americans may have H1N1. Officials in New York are investigating a suspicious outbreak of flu that occurred sy s school before this weekend, and officials as far as way as communist Hong Kong — where the 1968 Hong Kong Asian flu that killed millions took origin — are suspicious about this new super bug from Mexico.

    The threat of getting infected from H1N1 is very great and if you see someone who looks Mexican, you should avoid them at all costs. You never know if they just sneaked her and are carrying this deadly plague virus that will make your sweet family die a slow, painful death.

    The majority of deaths from this virus, again, are 25 to 45 year olds. I am extremely terrified of this virus and even more dismayed that despite being infected, an increased 21% more of Mexico’s population is sneaking into the US.

    Obama should consider issuing an Executive Order to put Mexicans in temporary health camps, just to make sure they are healthy. Those at the border should be given multiple shots until the illness doesn’t move in them anymore.

    If we work together, we can beat this pandemic before it starts. If not, however, this could be worse than the Bubonic that struck down Europe.

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