• Dirty Prom Dress Reveals Satan’s Plan To Get Your Daughter Pregnant

    April 1, 2009 11:17 am 132 comments
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  • High school senior prom is a very immoral ceremony where boys seduce girls into having premarital sex. They will ply your daughter with alcohol and then do grinding dances to devils music, all so they may put their serpent scepters into your precious girl’s no no zone.

    I’m here to tell you today parents that you must not let your daughter go to prom this spring. Over 86% of teenaged pregnancy happens at senior prom and stats do not discriminate. Any girl can become pregnant.

    When your daughter naturally cries and tells you it’s not fair that you forbid her to go to prom, ask her how she would like to be dieing a slow, bloody death of herpie AIDS and pregnancy while the rest of her moral friends are off enjoying their studies at college the next year.

    At this point some liberal parents out there will try to convince you that senior prom is not all about sex and that your daughter won’t get pregnant our catch AIDS.

    You just tell them to be quiet because 86% of teenage pregnancies happen at prom and if that stat isn’t reason enough to scare you into keeping your girl home this year, look at the new sinful dresses.

    Look at the placement of the pink slits in this dress’s skirt area and try to tell me that’s not innuendo and foreshadowing of what a boy expects your daughter will be showing off later that night.

    My friends Satan’s favorite food is your daughter’s virginity, so please don’t let some boy sow his sinful seeds in her fertile holy place. The gardens of evil and sinchilds that spring from it will only lead her to a life of disease, welfare mom prostitution and death. Keep your daughter from prom and make God proud.

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