• Dr. Bill Cosby Attacks Erin Andews With Mean Humor (Video)

    April 27, 2009 2:13 pm 3 comments
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    My heart is truly troubled by the extent some people will go to get their daily chuckles. As you may remember, during the 1980s there was a show about an Afro-American family named The Cosby Show.

    It was mostly a good show about family values and things you may encounter while raising kids. The mom’s name was Claire Huxtable, a lawyer. She was a career woman but mom first; respectable.

    The father was Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, a cardiologist played by Dr. Bill Cosby. He took his job seriously on the show, and still, was a father first. The show was about the nuclear family and it all looked good on the surface.

    There was one thing that always bothered me though. You have a well-educated mom and dad, a lawyer and doctor, who send their kids off to Princeton and other schools. Yet, I never remember these Afros having any white neighbors or friends. That’s racist.

    This show was trying to convince people that only the black people are smart and us poor whites just couldn’t get ahead like the hard working blacks. I’m sure the lawyer team of the Obama’s really love watching re-runs of this show. “Hey Sasha and Malia only am black people like us can have two Harvard educated parents, just like the Cosbys!”

    I’m disgusted with elitists Afros like the Obamas who look down on everyone. Is it funny to imagine that a white family can have a hardworking dad doctor and mom lawyer?

    Just thinking about it makes my blood reboil and I had almost forgot about the antiwhite 80s stereotypes and prejudice, until I saw a clip on ESPN.com today.

    Seems like a poor white commentator woman on sports is being heckled by none other than…Dr. Bill Cosby and some other guy named Cosby. Apparently she never heard of Bill Cosby and so he just pranked her up real good. Just look at him chuckle at the ‘ignorant white womean’ trying to make an honest. non-doctor living.

    Yes admittedly keeping up with sports may be a bit too much on a women but this video’s agenda is pretty clear. White people can make hardworking family’s who earn their education and living too.

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