• Drunk Twilight Vampire Girl Caught On Tape

    April 23, 2009 12:30 am 15 comments
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    The following disturbing video is another example of the threat of vampire cults to you and your children. As you should expect, it is directly related to Twilight.

    Twilight is based on a series of books that praise fornication, teen blood sucking pacts and violence, as it introduces young teen girls to a character named ‘Bella’ who is a typical rebellious teen; a sort of child an adolescent child will naturally be tempted to mimic.

    Bella meets a young, sparkly bigay boy named Edward Cullen, who is also secretly a Satan worshiping vampire. The rest of the movie is about teaching kids how to do Satanic rituals, cut each other’s bodies to drink blood and having inappropriate secret fornication behind their parent’s backs.

    Pastor Gould reported a new drink called Clamato, which teens are secretly buying and then mixing their actual blood into the beer and tomato drink. They drink this and say chants to begin the Twilight styled rituals.

    As we’ve warned many times these are very real threats and there is a good chance your son or daughter is involved/ or has friends being tempted to join this new vampire gang. Look at this video of someone’s daughter, who had just did one of those Clamato blood beer ceremonies. Parents, you should be terrified and do everything in your power keep this movie and book series away from your kids.

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