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  • Mexico city (26) ChristWire – Panic and fear is now sweeping of 20 million Mexicans in Mexico City, as health officials just released the staggering numbers related to the Mexican swine flu.

    103 dead. Over 1600 infected. Over 400 hospitalized.

    The outbreak of this flu was sudden and now the world is trying to make plans for if a key mutations occurs and this already deadly virus increases spread and must be classified as a pandemic.

    11 Americans have been confirmed to have contracted the swine flu from direct contact with the unclean Mexican hosts, and CDC worries that more may be carrying the highly formidable virus.

    Racists in Moscow and Kaula Lumpur have already banned all travel to Mexico and will be putting a potential halt on all pork product imports. Canada and Europe has now also confirmed several cases of H1N1 infection.

    Millions of Mexicans wore surgical masks and had a typical non-working Saturday over the weekend. Health officials in the US are considering the same non-work and mask wearing mandate for the US should the flu continue to spread.


    Google Swine Flu Map
    - Note, pointers without a dot indicate where all deaths have occurred.

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