• God Now Hates Vermont, They Passed GAYS MARRIAGE

    April 7, 2009 1:38 pm 51 comments
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  • Breaking News: Vermont allows gay marriage and is doomed!

    Today former Republican President Calvin Coolidge is silently weeping up in heaven because his home state of Vermont has angered God by passing GAYS MARRIAGE.

    Vermont was the 14th state to join our Christian nation and when they joined, they were allowed in because they pledged loyalty to morality. Now they’ve let the homogay’s agenda destroy all that and betray what we stand for.

    God hates how these little gay dandies love to parade around and fish in each other’s devilholes in an unholy way, casting their rods in backsides and coming out covered in the fishy, foul smells of sins and disease. Leviticus 20:13.

    The day started off good enough as Governor Jim Douglas vetoed a perverse bill that would have allowed gays and lesbians to marry each other. That tells us at least not everyone in Vermont is an immoral abomination in the eyes of holiness.

    Unfortunately, Vermont has an apparently atheist legislature as they overrode Gov. Douglas’ veto with a 23 – 5 vote in the Senate and a 100 – 49 override in the House.

    I hope the politicians in Vermont are happy now, because as they will soon find out it is naturally impossible for a man to love a man and for a woman to love a woman in marriage. God’s Constitutional Law tells us that sinners will burn in hell and that man only becomes gay due to sin. Romans 1:24-27.

    Why has Vermont betrayed their promises and forsaken the Constitution? I wish I were on the Supreme Court right now so the other judges and I could laugh this affront to God write out of our offices, making sure to fire each and every person who passed this anti-American piece of legislation today in Vermont.

    With Vermont’s declaration of war against our American heritage, four states now have now seceded from morality: Massacusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and of course Vermont. Four states that will soon be plagued with all sorts of wrath and holy damnation if they don’t apologize to their God and their country for this betrayal.

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