• God Strikes Down Myrtle Beach With Fire, Gay Blogger Perez Hilton To Blame

    April 23, 2009 2:53 pm 15 comments

    When will the gays learn that God will not tolerate their agenda much longer?

    Today Myrtle Beach and the rest of South Carolina is burning to the ground, as God has caused a mighty wildfire to appear from nowhere and ravage the state.

    Residents are stricken with panic and wondering why this show of God’s wrath has come upon their lands. It all started with the 2009 Miss America competition.

    Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s Miss America Corporation had its annual beauty pageant. The two top contenders were Miss Carolina and Miss California.

    At the height of the competition, the crucial question and answer section, gay judge Perez Hilton unfairly asked the Christian valued Miss California if she supported the homogay marriage agenda. She stood her ground and shot his little fruity whoregay plans down.

    Even though many in the audience cheered, Perez Hilton got the typical gay bad attitude and sense of entitlement look on his face. He gave Miss California a 0 based on her Christian worldview and allegedly even boasted to the effect, ‘I made her lose’.

    God surely joined millions worldwide in watching this competition and was not pleased with Hilton’s combative gay attitude. God wanted Donald Trump to demand that Miss California win the competition fair and square, as she is both beautiful and has values.

    Instead, bigot gays and their supporters were so intolerant that they stole Miss California’s rightful title of Miss American, and gave it to the bystanding Miss South Carolina.

    It is no coincidence that God is showing his wrath by striking down the Carolinas today and I hope Perez Hilton will apologize, so God will stop striking down all involved parties in disrespecting Miss California.

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